The Lookout - Feature

Neo-noir from master storyteller Scott Frank. Moody, evocative and courageous.


Chris - as played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt  

needs to get his act together

Lewis - as played by Jeff Daniels  

has a tactile way of dressing

Janet - as played by Carla Gugino  

is doing her best to help


is being led astray

Gary - as played by Matthew Goode  

sees an easy mark

Luvlee - as played by Isla Fisher  

is an enigma

Cork - as played by Aaron Berg  

will be your best friend for a beer

Marty - as played by Morgan Kelly  

knows how to use a blowtorch

Bone - as played by Greg Dunham  

never says a word

Kelly - as played by Laura Vandervoort  

may or may not exist

Mrs Lange - as played by Alex Borstein  

is lost in the clouds

Deputy Ted - as played by Sergio Di Zio  

is primed for action

Chris and Luvlee  

hit it off

Bone and Gary  

are panicking


can sort of remember


but may be too late


has his moment