Dexter - Series

A seminal work, Pulitzer-prize winning; challenging audiences to empathize with a serial killer. Groundbreaking television.

Dexter - as played by Michael C Hall  

caught between a rock and a hard place

Debra Morgan - as played by Jennifer Carpener  

is a too-loyal sister



Lt. LaGuerta - as played by Luna Velez  

thinks she doesn't miss much



Sgt. Batista - as played by David Zayas  

often has clouded judgement



Sgt. Doakes - as played by Eric King  

senses something is not right



Vince Masuka - as played by C S Lee  

is he or isn't he?



Agent Lundy - as played by Keith Carradine  

has some intriguing angles



Masuka and Lundy  

cook something up

Rita Bennett - as played by Julie Benz  

trusts Dexter implicitly




Lila Tournay - as played by Jaime Murray  

is mesmerizing


and addictive



and not quite all there

ADA Miguel Prado - as played by Jummy Smitts  

is really out of his depth




Arthur Mitchell - as played by John Lithgow  

is close to the truth


and may be Dexter's match



but has some problems of his own

Camilla - as played by Margo Martindale  

knows the real story

Tasia - as played by Tasia Sherel  

is unaware of what she actually knows

Harry Morgan and Laura Moser - as played by James Remar and Katherine Kirkpatrick  

are responsible for this whole situation